Seasonal Reflection: Easter, 2014

Reflecting on Peace

Although the original meaning of the word Lent was simply Spring, I think it is common practice to associate Lent more with the darkness and austerity of Winter. And this year we in the northeastern U.S. have experienced what has seemed like an endless Winter, the Winter that did not want to go away.

 Similarly, I think we tend to associate Easter with Spring, the season of new birth and new life when days grow longer and flowers bloom, birds that migrated south return, and temperatures climb to melt away the ice and snow.

 The parallels between such a Winter and Lent make Spring and Easter all the more welcome and meaningful. Just as the vitality of Spring replaces “the dead of winter,” Jesus’ Resurrection conquers death. Just as the lengthening of days reduces the long darkness of night, Jesus, the Light of the World, illuminates our darkness. Just as Spring assures us that the cold, hard ground and bare trees are only temporary, Easter brings hope where there was once despair.

 Easter is a gift that God gives us every year. It is an invitation to celebrate life, love, generosity and forgiveness. It is a time of promise.

 At Easter, Jesus brings us a message of Peace and calls us to extend that message to the world. Let us live this Season of Easter in that Spirit. Let us be Bearers of Peace, especially where it is most needed and where it can be hardest to give. Peace be with you!



Lord of life
We pray for all who bring your word of life
As a light to those in darkness
For those who bring your word of peace
To those enslaved by fear
For those who bring your word of love
To those in need of comfort
Lord of love and Lord of peace
Lord of resurrection life
Be known
Through our lives 
and through your power
Christ the Lord is risen to-day

Under Creative Commons License: Attribution)

Suggested Actions

  • v  Take time to enjoy God’s gift of new life in nature, in people, wherever you may find it. See God in the new life around you.

    v  Reach into yourself to discover new life within or plant something new within yourself.

    v  Be a messenger of new hope or peace, love or mercy to a family member or friend, neighbor, co-worker or classmate, perhaps someone who’s lost a loved one, a home or a job, someone with whom you’ve been in conflict, someone who is sick or lonely.

    v  Speak out for peace to Congress and the President.

    v  Encourage the Church to preach peace always and everywhere.


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