Seasonal Reflection: Ordinary Time I, 2014

Reflecting on Peace

Here we are again in Ordinary Time.  The Christmas season is over.  The in-between time has begun.  There’s something nice about the in-between time.  It’s a time to let go of the stresses of holiday shopping, cooking, decorating, and traveling from one occasion to another.  It’s an opportunity to step back and reflect, to re-energize, to make plans, to do some things perhaps in a more relaxed way that you can’t get to at other times.

This year’s Ordinary time between Christmas and Lent is longer than many years.  That can be a particular gift, especially in Pax Christi when you’re involved in the preparation for the Good Friday Way of the Cross.  That extra time comes with a sigh of relief.  There’s more time to write Station prayers and reflections, more time to solicit sponsorships, more time to get permits, more time to choose music, simply more time!

This extra Ordinary time makes Ordinary time extraordinary.  “Ordinary” takes on a whole new meaning and worth.  Let’s cherish it and make the most of it in our day-to-day (ordinary) comings and goings, our daily prayers, and our peacebuilding activities.



“To Christ in the World”

Lord Jesus, 
let us realize that every action of ours
no matter how small or how secular
enables us to be in touch with you.  
Let our interest lie in created things - 
but only in absolute dependence
upon your presence in them.  
Let us pursue you and you alone
through the reality of created things.  
Let this be our prayer - 
to become closer to you 
by becoming more human.

Let us become a tree branch on the vine 
that is you, 
a branch that bears much fruit.  
Let us accept you in our lives 
in the way it pleases you to come into them: 
as Truth, to be spoken, 
as Life, to be lived, 
as Love, to be followed, 
as Joy, to be given: 
as Peace, to be spread about: 
as Sacrifice, to be offered; 
among our relatives and friends, 
among our neighbors and all people.


 - from the New Saint Joseph People's Prayer Book, Catholic Book Publishing Co. New York 1999

Suggested Actions

Try to make the ordinary in your life extra-ordinary by using this in-between season to reflect more, pray more, love more, forgive more.

 Let this Ordinary Time envelope you in quiet moments, open moments to be inspired, listening moments to hear what God has to say to you.

 Ordinary Time can refer to ordering that which might be disordered.  Certainly, there are things in your personal life and in the broader community that are disordered.  Pick one of each and work to restore order, be it a disordered personal relationship, a disordered policy that leaves people living with violence or injustice, or whatever else may be of concern to you.

 This year PCMNY’s retreat comes during Ordinary Time.  Come away with us to enter into Pax Christi/Pax Terra, to experience making peace with Earth.


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