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Dear Reader...

Much of this issue focuses on the First Negotiation Conference (there will be a second conference from late June to early July) that took place at the United Nations the last week of March to develop an international treaty to ban nuclear weapons. You’ll find an introductory letter on page 1 giving some context to what follows and then in the next few pages a letter to Donald Trump from U.S. Catholics in support of nuclear abolition, a public statement to the Conference from interfaith communities concerned about nuclear weapons, and a report from the Conference by a Pax Christi participant, Beth Begley. Reading them together should provide a good picture of what’s happening in an attempt to free us from the threat of nuclear annihilation.

PCMNY Welcomes Two New Parishes for Peace

On page 5, we are pleased to welcome Sacred Heart Church in Bayside, Queens, and St. Andrew the Apostle in Brooklyn to our Parishes for Peace program. You’ll also find an invitation to make your parish a Parish for Peace.

Yemen is Starving

Starting on the same page, we have an article about the tragic situation in Yemen and about the good people who spent Holy Week fasting and leafletting to draw attention to this underreported crisis.

PCMNY’s 2017 Young Peacebuilder, A Model of Kindness, Compassion, and Service

At this year’s Peacemaker Reception on June 4th, we’ll be honoring three young women for their peacebuilding efforts. On page 6, you can read the winning essay by Cira Mancuso, a Senior at School of the Holy Child in Rye, NY. We think you’ll be quite impressed.

PCMNY Statement Regarding U.S. Missile Strikes against Syria

On April 6th, the new U.S. Administration issued missile strikes on an airbase in Syria in response to a chemical attack purportedly by Syria on its own people. Read PCMNY’s response to the missile strike on page 8. For an updated Statement that refers as well to the bombing of Afghanistan and nuclear threats against North Korea, contact the PCMNY office.


Don’t forget to check out all our upcoming events on p. 7. There’s always a lot happening at PCMNY. And since the list is not complete, periodically be sure to visit our Events page on the web so as not to miss any updates.

The Calendar on p. 9 provides a quick summary of our events and a few more dates for meetings and mailings. You’re always welcome to come, sit in, and help out.

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