Seasonal Reflection: Easter, 2015

Reflecting on Peace

They saw that the stone had been rolled back;
it was very large.

Mark 16:4


At the Easter Vigil, we hear how the women went to Jesus’s tomb to anoint his body, but they weren’t sure who would roll back the stone for them to enter. How surprised they were to discover, upon arrival, that the stone had already been rolled back! The stone that was placed to keep Jesus in and to keep others out was moved; the tomb was open and Jesus was gone, alive and already on his way to Galilee to meet his friends.

This was no small stone. Mark tells us it was “very large,” heavy enough that several women had to wonder who would move it for them, but there was no need to worry about that. God had already taken care of it.

How often do we find ourselves trapped by stones, whether others put them in our way or we placed them there ourselves? What is your stone that may be blocking your passage? Can you trust that God will roll away that stone, release you from your tomb?

And what of other stones, hard stones of stubborn self-righteousness, rough stones of oppression, lethal stones used as weapons of offense or defense?  Can we surrender these to God to remove them as well?

This Easter season, let us work to roll away the stones that we can and give to God those we can’t. After all, the God who could raise Jesus from the dead and free him from the tomb is a mighty God that no stone can contain.



Love Overcame


Love overcame
Emerging from a cold tomb
All the truth, majesty and creativity of a living God
Transforming a broken heart
Making a quiet return, in a still and sorrowful garden
The grave stone rolled away, to release redemptive love
Jesus resurrected and restored
Comforts a weeping woman
Speaks with travellers on a journey
Meets with his faithful friends
And they bow down before Christ alive
And acknowledged that the saviour has arrived
That the word of God has come alive
And that the extraordinary transformation of heaven and earth
Is complete

copyright © 2014 Julie Palmer

Suggested Actions

  • Think about stones, how we use them, what they symbolize metaphorically, how they help and hinder us. Think about personal stones that may weigh you down, hold you back, separate you from others, protect you. Reflect on which stones you might want to keep and which you might want to toss. Then consider how you can take action to do so. Pray for God’s guidance and help.

    Identify at least one stone that is a barricade between us and peace: nuclear weapons, environmental abuse, racism, economic injustice, or something else. How can we, together, roll away this stone to open a passage to peace? Make a concrete plan to work toward that.

    During the Easter Season, Pax Christi will be participating in Peace and Planet to promote the abolition of nuclear weapons. Join us at the special events from April 24 to 26. Visit for details.

    Also join PCMNY at our Peacemaker Awards Reception on June 7th. See the Events page for more information, or contact the office at 212-420-0250 or

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