Seasonal Reflection: Easter, 2016

Reflecting on Peace

Easter already? How can that be? It’s too early. It’s not even April yet. We’re not ready.


Funny, especially when we’re little, we can’t wait for special, happy occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, a visit from grandma and grandpa, the arrival of a new puppy or kitten, it can’t come soon enough. Yet here we are with an earlier than usual Easter and we’re trying to push it back if only for another week or two. The most spectacular feast of our faith and we’re crying out, “Not yet!”

But Easter is here, not just now, but always. Jesus is risen. He is with us yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And we should be eager to rejoice with him. What can be better than knowing that Jesus is alive, that God has conquered death and darkness with Life and Light? How can we possibly want to postpone something so miraculous and phenomenal?

If only an early Easter season could mean a longer Easter season, but liturgically it does not. Nevertheless, we can strive to keep the spirit of Easter alive throughout the year. Let us be light and life for those who need it most now and always.



Easter Sunday Prayer

O Lord,

How amazing is your love,
A love that overcomes, endures and redeems.
How astounding is your life,
A life that sustains, heals and creates.
How awesome is your hope,
A hope that promises, restores and inspires.
How absorbing is your truth,
A truth that releases, changes and rebuilds.

How we worship you, as we remember the moment when your love conquered.
When out of the cave of sorrow Jesus arose to release forgiveness to the world.
And each time we encounter this resurrection day we are again lifted to an eternal place.
Our sin, brokenness and darkness fall away and your light and peace flood our lives.
How we thank you for this incredible celebration we call Easter. 




Suggested Actions

  • - Welcome the Easter season with an intentional awareness of its beauty—in nature, in people, in scripture, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Let the child inside you celebrate without hesitation or delay.

    - Seek out someone who could benefit from your light, your warmth, your faith and hope. Be present to him or her, whether just sitting and listening, talking or serving.

    - Dedicate a piece of your life to building the Peace of the Risen Christ as a voice for refugees; trafficked persons; victims of war and discrimination; people in need of affordable housing, health care, jobs with a living wage, clean water, a sound education. Write, call, rally, march, vote so that policy-makers know that you are guided by Christ-like principles, by the Corporal Works of Mercy—to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, visit the sick, shelter the homeless, visit the prisoner, bury the dead. We are a Resurrection People. Let the world know and believe!

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