The newsletter of Pax Christi Metro New York
The newsletter of Pax Christi Metro New York
Editor: Anne Bjornson

“Kerux” is the Greek word meaning “herald”. As the name of our newsletter, it reminds us that we are to be heralds of God’s nonviolent love. We welcome letters, articles and reviews.

In addition to our quarterly newsletter, Kerux Live! offers immediate access to current news and feature articles.

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An Interim Time for Pax Christi Metro New York

by Nancy Small

With the retirement of Executive Director Rosemarie Pace, PCMNY faced an important moment. A strong leader moved on and an open space was created. PCMNY entered an interim time, that sacred space between what has been and what will be.

Rather than rush to fill that space, the PCMNY Board of Directors paused to discern some important questions. How will the leadership torch be passed on after the director’s unprecedented twenty-year tenure? What is the call of the Spirit for PCMNY at this moment in its history?  Start reading on Page 1…

BOOK REVIEW:   All Hell Breaking Loose

by Marian Ronan

All Hell Breaking Loose: The Pentagon’s Perspective on Climate Change. By Michael T. Klare. Metropolitan Books. 2019. 237 pp. Paper. $18.00.

I have been reading Michael’s Klare’s critiques of US militarism in The Nation and elsewhere for years. Klare is a scholar of peace studies and a fellow at the Arms Control Association in Washington. Never in my wildest would I have expected him to portray the Pentagon as an ally in the fight against climate change. But in All Hell Breaking Loose, that, to a great extent, is what he does…  Read more on page 2…

Towards Ending War: The Unrecognized Deeper Nonviolence Presence Amidst Competing And Conflicting Religious Claims And Texts by Jim Kelly, Ph.D.

In “A Biblical View of Covenants Old and New,” in the prestigious THEOLOGICAL STUDIES, September 2020, Vol. 81, No. 3, Andrew R. Davis writes about the tendency in recent theological discussion to describe the New Covenant as a fulfillment of its predecessors, but he claims this tendency lacks a biblical basis. Now this may sound pertinent solely to theologians and, even among them, only to the narrowly academic, as opposed to those more pastorally inclined and who think theology can and does make a difference in what the rest of us call “the real world.” But this real world contains real differences of judgment, often based on religious understandings and misunderstandings, which can lead to all too real acts of violence deepened by religious differences…  Start reading on page 4.

You will also find the latest recipients of our Gifts of Peace for whom to pray, announcements and calendar items including an invitation to nominate Peacemakers for the 2022 Peacemaker Awards Celebration.

Finally, please consider and reflect on the many reasons you value PCMNY, and respond as generously as possible. THANK YOU!

Be well. Stay safe.

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