The newsletter of Pax Christi Metro New York
The newsletter of Pax Christi Metro New York
Editor: Anne Bjornson

“Kerux” is the Greek word meaning “herald”. As the name of our newsletter, it reminds us that we are to be heralds of God’s nonviolent love. We welcome letters, articles and reviews.

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The People of Yemen Suffer Atrocities, too
by Kathy Kelly

 The United Nations’ goal was to raise more than $4.2 billion for the people of war-torn Yemen by March 15. But when that deadline rolled around, just $1.3 billion had come in.

 “I am deeply disappointed,” said Jan Egeland, the secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council. “The people of Yemen need the same level of support and solidarity that we’ve seen for the people of Ukraine. The crisis in Europe will dramatically impact Yemenis’ access to food and fuel, making an already dire situation even worse.”

Good Friday 2022  
by Adel O’Regan

On Friday, April 15, 2022, over 150 individuals gathered on zoom or through Facebook to participate in the Pax Christi Metro New York (PCMNY) Good Friday Way of the Cross.  This gathering, traditionally done in person along 42nd Street in Manhattan, New York, was held via zoom due to continued concerns of COVID 19.  While not ideal (we always love gathering in person), having it done via zoom allowed individuals who have health challenges as well as folks from across the United States to participate.

Book Review
After Cooling: On Freon, Global Warming, and the Terrible Cost of Comfort By Eric Dean Wilson.

Reviewed by Marian Ronan    

As Catholics, we understand what “Laudato Si’” is calling us to, in order to reverse climate change. Cut back on plastics; fly less or stop altogether. Walk or take public transportation instead of driving. Eat less (or no) meat.

But most of us have heard much less about air conditioning. In his galvanizing new book, After Cooling, Eric Dean Wilson explains why this is the case, and why such an omission is a grave mistake.

Nonviolence in a Time of War
by Rosemarie Pace

The war in Ukraine has horrified much of the world. Reports indicate that most people believe it is absolutely necessary to arm Ukraine as much as possible to fight the Russian assault. At the same time, we also hear many people say the only way wars ever end is with diplomacy. Nevertheless, while people call for peace, we hear only a minority advocating for nonviolence as a viable way to achieve it, a seeming contradiction. To address this seeming contradiction, we offer some references that present a different perspective.

Farewell to Elda Luisi, PCMNY office coordinator

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