“The voice of a good shepherd” says Bishop John Stowe

Read the powerful pastoral letter written by Archbishop Wester on nuclear disarmament.

From Bishop John Stowe, OFM Conv., Bishop-President of Pax Christi USA, in response to the pastoral letter calling for nuclear disarmament issued by Archbishop John C. Wester:

Archbishop John Wester’s call for an end to the arms race and for taking the necessary steps towards full nuclear disarmament comes from the voice of a good shepherd who pastors the place where nuclear weapons were first tested and continue to be developed and stockpiled. We should all heed his voice and contribute to the process of disarmament through practicing nonviolence in our daily lives and advocating the end of nuclear weapons. In his address to the ambassadors accredited to the Holy See on January 10, the Holy Father re-iterated that even the possession of nuclear weapons is immoral. Archbishop Wester brings this teaching to the U.S. in a significant way.”

A pastoral letter by the most reverend John C. Wester Archbishop of Santa Fe

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